Hello everyone, this is Peter Genereux, Manager of Emergency Management and Protective Services with the Town of High River. It is Friday, June 21, 2019. We wanted to take a minute to chat about the river flow. As we have all noticed, we have received some precipitation over the past week, with more in the forecast. There has been a slight increase in the river level, and a corresponding status change to “Minor.” The river is still flowing at or below normal levels for this time of year.

MINOR indicates that we have recorded a small rise in the river
predicted, due to a seasonal rise in air temperature. At this level, there is still no action required.

There is currently no risk of flooding, but we would still like to remind everyone that when we see an increase in level, there is usually an accompanying increase in the speed of flow and as such it is not safe to be on the river or riverbank.

We continue to monitor the river very closely and will provide updates as they happen. Thank you everyone for your cooperation and stay dry this weekend.

Did you know that you can see live feeds of the river? CheckĀ www.hrready.ca/river-cameras