Effective April 6, 2018, wireless service providers are now capable of distributing emergency alerts received from alerting authorities directly to their consumers’ compatible wireless devices connected to LTE networks using Cell Broadcast distribution.

To receive Alert Ready messages, wireless devices must be:

  • An LTE-device like a smartphone (LTE is commonly referred to as “4G LTE”);
  • Wireless public alerting (WPA)-compatible; and
  • Connected to an LTE cellular network at the time the emergency alert is issued.

Alert Ready is designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to Canadians through television and radio. The Alert Ready system is developed in partnership with federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials, Environment and Climate Change Canada, The Weather Network and the broadcasting industry and wireless service providers, to ensure alerts are received immediately and users can take action to keep safe.

Federal, provincial, and territorial governments are responsible for issuing emergency alerts.

Federally, emergency alerts are issued most frequently by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Each provincial or territorial government decides who will have the authority to issue alerts within their jurisdictions. For example, emergency alerts could be issued by provincial or territorial emergency management offices or in some cases by municipal emergency management offices or local police and fire departments.

Media companies, including television, radio stations, cable and satellite distributors, as well as websites receive these emergency alerts and relay them to their consumers.

Alert Ready is available for LTE devices on Telus, Rogers, and Bell as well as many other LTE compatible networks.

Learn more at https://www.alertready.ca/