The Town of High River has begun its annual preparations for the approaching flood season:

  • To date, over $200 million has been invested in flood mitigation and protection, making High River one of the most well protected communities from flooding in Canada. This includes the construction of permanent and interim dikes, increasing the Highwood River’s capacity, and the installation of emergency notification systems.
  • The permanent dikes have been built to protect against the river flows experienced during the 2013 flood, plus an additional vertical metre of protection. Click here for More detail on the Town’s flood mitigation program
  • Crews will be doing assessments on all interim diking systems throughout town. All sandbags are being inspected, repaired and replaced as required to ensure that they can function as temporary flood mitigation measures if needed.
  • Temporary pumps will be staged along 12 Avenue S.W. in order to to pump out any standing water that may accumulate throughout the spring.
  • All emergency notification systems will be tested including the outdoor sirens and High River Alert system on Wednesday, May 2.
  • The Town is in regular contact with Alberta Environment and Parks and receives updates from river forecasters on snow pack and river levels. Conditions are slightly above normal ranges for this time of year, however, it is important to note that snow pack level is not a reliable predictor of flooding. Residents can also view this information on the Government of Alberta’s website at including recent comments from river forecasters
  • Conducting annual maintenance and inspections on all required equipment.

High River residents are also encouraged to ensure they are prepared on a personal level, which could include:

  • As high ground water can cause problems at this time, residents should clear eaves troughs of debris and make sure that downspouts are directing water away from their homes.
  • Don’t store flammable materials (wood piles, propane tanks, dried leaves, etc.) within 30 feet of your homes foundation and outbuildings, including garages or sheds.
  • Update and practice your family emergency plan and make sure that all important contact information is current.
  • Check your emergency kit and restock any expired or missing items.
  • Subscribe to receive critical, time-sensitive emergency alerts through Alberta Emergency Alert and the High River Alert systems.