Each Spring, The Town of High River participates in Emergency Preparedness Month, a national initiative aimed at increasing awareness around run-off season and helping residents feel prepared for the rare occurrence of an emergency scenario. Wanting to build on these efforts, The Town of High River is introducing a new system of delivering clear, action-based updates on our waterways during the Spring run-off season. The new system is based on a simpleĀ  graphic, that depicts the four levels observed in our waterways: Normal, Mild, Moderate and Major.


The river is flowing within normal levels for this time of year. No action is required and no threat to the community is present


The river level has risen a predictable amount in-line with normal seasonal run-off. No action is required and no threat to the community is present


The river level has risen slightly higher than normal levels. Households are encouraged to review their emergency kits and discuss their emergency plans with their household. No threat to the community is present.


The river has risen to a flood response level. Households are required to tune-in to the Town communication channel for instructions. Emergency kits should be readied and residents should be on alert for possible evacuation.


During River Monitoring season: mid May – June 30, the graphics will be located in high-traffic areas around High River and will always depict the current river level. The Breaking News section on this website and the Town’sĀ Facebook Page will also have the current level posted during that time.